Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Summer Waterfall of Colours .............

Morning everyone wherever you are 
And a very warm welcome to new members 
And a Big Hello to all.
Hope you are all having a good day!!....

2days ago I started hand dyeing ribbons soon as I make a batch 
They fly out like cakes I have lots of regular customers for them it's surprising what they 
Use them for. They have even been used in a TV Series can not beat that!!!!... I was chuffed when they asked me could I do certain colours for them.. Hey what nearly fame at last!!!!!!....

My next trial I have ordered natural pure silk ribbon
So I will  be experimenting with this when it arrives !!!!!...
He he my hands keep turning funny colours good job it washes off !!!!!!
One of my neighbours thought I had took a turn for the worst when she saw the
Colour of my hands.

So this is My Summer Waterfall of  Colours

I have lots of goodies for sale in my blog shop 
Just don't have a check out so you just have to mail me 
With what you want and I'll do the rest 
You can find me    Here

Thank you for dropping by
Jules ❤️

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  1. WOW COGRATULATIONS!!!! Wont be able to call you any more, you will be too famous for me he he!!! Well done you, which TV series was it honey? Crafty Cuddles Jay xxx